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Nowadays, various biomedical and healthcare tools such as genomics, mobile biometric sensors, and smartphone apps generate a big amount of data. Therefore, it is mandatory for us to know about and assess that can be achieved using this data. For example, the analysis of such data can provide further insights in terms of procedural, technical, medical and other types of improvements in healthcare. After a review of these healthcare procedures, it appears that the full potential of patient-specific medical specialty or personalized medicine is under way. The collective big data analysis of EHRs, EMRs and other medical data is continuously helping build a better prognostic framework. The companies providing service for healthcare analytics and clinical transformation are indeed contributing towards better and effective outcome. Common goals of these companies include reducing cost of analytics, developing effective Clinical Decision Support (CDS) systems, providing platforms for better treatment strategies, and identifying and preventing fraud associated with big data. Though, almost all of them face challenges on federal issues like how private data is handled, shared and kept safe. The combined pool of data from healthcare organizations and biomedical researchers have resulted in a better outlook, determination, and treatment of various diseases. This has also helped in building a better and healthier personalized healthcare framework. Modern healthcare fraternity has realized the potential of big data and therefore, have implemented big data analytics in healthcare and clinical practices. Supercomputers to quantum computers are helping in extracting meaningful information from big data in dramatically reduced time periods. With high hopes of extracting new and actionable knowledge that can improve the present status of healthcare services, researchers are plunging into biomedical big data despite the infrastructure challenges. Clinical trials, analysis of pharmacy and insurance claims together, discovery of biomarkers is a part of a novel and creative way to analyze healthcare big data.

[full Fix] Operations Research By S.d. Sharma.pdf

To handle SC alignment related issues, manufacturers should develop certain strategies. This finding is corroborated with the study of (Simatupang & Sridharan, 2002). Therefore, a proper consideration is essential for the supply chain managers. Manufacturers and supply chain managers can understand the drivers and their impact with the help of this research, so that they can skillfully formulate the suitable policies necessary for analyzing and reducing the SCV in their manufacturing supply chains. 350c69d7ab


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